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  1. RC can be frustrating with the scrummaging. Still with loads of teams and competitions it’s a must buy.

  2. @122ipro
    Yh they are 🙂 and yu can move the players from the premiership into the england team to make it more authentic

  3. I was really looking forward to this game but now i’ve realised that the wasps squad is not up to date, about 3 players in this video who left at the end of last season and half the players look nothing like how they do in real life. Anyone know if they’re gonna make squad updates available?

  4. @SportsUpdated ahh thought u were like from a different country sorry man 🙂 and the guy in the store was lying must of got rc and rwc mixed up

  5. @rugbyking32 haha I know what game is :L the release date on their site is October 7th…

  6. @SportsUpdated thats what they told me at game in my town…. (where they sell loads of games)

  7. @zippL0ck Thanks man, dont worry I will, I had enough of the basic and unrealistic gameplay of the HB franchise, I was hoping for them that they would give us a new game with exiting gameplay and great graphics, instead they gave Rugby 08 a new dress and took the chance to cash on the RWC, good for them…
    Cheers mate, have fun with that piece of garbage, you can use it as a coaster later.

  8. @NotoriouzLive101
    RWC has much more gameplay depth than RC, RWC didnt help themselves by putting out a bad demo that didnt have all the controls list & didnt let you change difficulty or change the camera Etc,
    but most people who Have both games & have played both proper will tell you that RWC has the best gameplay.
    I’ll still pick up RC , but only if they patch the stupidly easy offloads & the many terrible missed passes, the frame rate issues & excessive knock ons, be a shame if they dont

  9. @NotoriouzLive101
    are you serious ?, RC has no mauls, no pick & go from the ruck , no set pieces ,
    the scrums are one dimensional you cant feed or hook or turn the scrum or collapse the scrum or kill the ball like you can in RWC, you can pick up & go with the #8 from the scrum , you can change ruck support tactics mid game, & change defense line out strategy mid game, the players actually catch the ball instead of constantly dropping it like in RC, offloads take skill in RWC unlike RC Etc

  10. @aeropato
    have fun with your endless knock ons, offloads that are waaaay too easy & are a LOT safer than normal passes, constantly throwing the ball on the floor or 30 feet behined you every other pass , or watching forwards run through big bunches of players without being tackled.
    ..OR Have fun feeding the ball in to the scrum and hooking , or using mauls to gain ground, or doing set pieces, or doing pick and go drives from the ruck , oh wait you cant do any of that in RC can ya Lol

  11. @rugbyking32 you sure? because everyone one the official RC page is still waiting on a UK release date?

  12. @SportsUpdated it was released on friday mate i went into my local game store they didn’t have any in stock but they said it was supposed to be out that day

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