Freddie Feeling Happy Joining Bath But Disappointed The Way It Come

Departing Leicester fly-half, Freddie Burns is feeling unhappy. Freddie said, the move to Bath was handled was not disappointing and he is unhappy for that.

Burns in an interview said, “I am happy and I can’t express my feeling how happy I am, but I know the way it come was not correct and I would be lying if I say, it came out nicely. On my contract, I had a year and I am a player of integrity.”

He said,” I am filled with pride in immense by getting the opportunity to play for Bath, regardless of the circumstances that lead to my exit from Leicester.

“The direction the club wanted to go in was told to me and then I made the best decision to go home and represent my childhood club,” he added.

“The things keep on moving and I am really pleased and excited. I am upset with the way the opportunity came to me and the way it was dealt, but at the same time, I also know that, everything can be dealt in a way that we wants it to take place. And after everything, I have to crack on.”

Burns came to the Tigers in 2014 leaving Gloucester. That time he said, the walk was the difficult one, but has to adopt changes for their better future.

He explained “In the past seasons, I have got a lot of motivation and I am hoping to make it a successful one. I want to leave the Tigers on a positive note, join the Bath with proud and head held up high, and also, the people thinking a lot about me.”

“I hope I have taken all fair decisions and I will not regret about any of them in the future.” He added.