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  1. rugby highlights always do this focus on the points but if they are
    penalties it doesn’t tell you anything! show the phases leading to

  2. It was a good game but these highlights only show the scores and none of
    the piercing runs, big hits etc..

  3. Saracens proving why they may be the most effective team in the Premiership
    at the moment but by hell are they dull in doing it. By far the most boring
    team who has won the title but kudos to them for building it on South
    African mercenary muscle and some brilliant defence coaching. Venter is
    still the biggest twat in rugby though

  4. Another outstanding Premiership Rugby season has drawn to a close, but the
    entertainment doesn’t stop there. Why not tell us what you would like to
    see in this channel ahead of a mouthwatering 2011-12 season…

  5. @TheCrazyMosquito salak misin sen? her gordugun yere turkish falan
    yaziyorsun. ac tarihllerine bak adamlarin. nasil bir kafaniz var amk. sanki
    turkish yazinca itibarimiz artiyor. lan allah tan messi falan turk degil
    yoksa her yere turkish yazardiniz. git bak messi nin videolarina.
    argentinian, argentina ya da benzeri seyler yaziyor mu yorumlarda.

  6. penalty ….. penalty…. penalty… penalty. i would like to seem some
    TRIES please. nonetheless a good win

  7. @premiershiprugby You appear to think that rugby is football, ie. only the
    ‘goals’ should go in the highlights. It is not. This is why the ITV World
    Cup highlights are so lame: they don’t give any impression of what the game
    was actually like, only that some points were scored at certain stages.

  8. This is the first time I’ve seen any highlights (excluding general news)
    from the match thanks to the ESPN black out. Looks like it was a crap game

  9. These highlights are pointless. Surely you are trying to somehow promote
    the AP as an exciting league with a thrilling climax…not sure you really
    showed it here

  10. thumbs up if you like Leicester Tigers 18-22 Saracens | Aviva Premiership
    Rugby Final | 28-05-11

  11. @TheOtherBillyWoo it was a pretty good game, the highlights just showed all
    the points gained! it was quite a good match for saracens and saracens were
    defending for there try line for 7 min so the game was pretty good for
    saracens standards…

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