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  1. @1984ioc A bitter Munster fan me thinks! Dont teams of all sports increase their fan base through sucess?
    See you in the Magners Final.

  2. I think it was the right call by the 4th official on the tuilagi disallowed try but i feel tuilagi’s try scoring position has cost him. He has brought the ball down from above his head and in that time it has just cost him perhaps if he had been in a lower position the outcome of the game may have been different. Great effort though and well played leinster

  3. @stylesmarino2
    You would have more idea and so you are most likely right. I am an Aussie and I’m just concluding from what I’ve seen with my eyes regarding Nacewa’s S14/NPC play
    Um anyhow, no point arguing over things which don’t matter in life. Life’s short 🙂 Jesus should be all of our focus !

  4. @mastersa how many teams can fill a stadium like that??id imagine in rugby about a 100 maybe,maybe more…and most leinster fans are bandwagoners,only started supporting them because they became successful and they are in vogue…Id imagine the vast majority dont even know the rules

  5. @shitehawkish I can’t believe a South African is going to lecture on cheating. Luke Fitzgerald is lucky to have any eyes left in his head after the Lions series!! I’d take an accidental forward pass and the slowing down the ball (which every team does) over deliberately trying to end another players career.

  6. @shitehawkish Yeh thats how we win heiniken cups, because no other team has ever done a forward pass by accident and gotten away with it

  7. Leinster win by cheating , forward pass for try , illegally slowing down opposition ball hands all over opposition jumper . as for the fans they seem to think they are supporting a soccer team LOL

  8. @InQuietnessAndTrust Anybody who watched him play for Auckland before going to Leinster and watched him play OH after he joined Leinster, will whole heartedly disagree with this sentiment. H

  9. Leicester Tigers a great team but its a big step up from the premiership to the Heineken Cup quarter final you just can not plan on running threw a team like
    Leinster it is simply not going to work. It works well in the premiership like it has for years for Leicester Tigers in England. Leicester need better game plan than just run threw a team in Europe.

  10. How many teams can fill a stadium like that? Leinster are the only team who have adapted to play rugby anything like super 14. Worth watching everytime win or loose.

  11. there are a few outrageous claims being made here. nacewa is a good player but hes not a good enough kicker to be a great full back and nowhere near as good an outhalf as dan carter.hes also not a good enough distributor to be an outhalf and hes not physically big enough to be a great centre. having said all that he is a good player but just at wing or full back.

  12. i dont get these great tackles, shown about 10 times on the reply and you still lose the game.
    whats the point of these tackles when you dont win shit,

  13. What a great game I don’t remember ever weening so many players absolutely wrecked after a game. I am so lucky that I get to see Leinster play so often . With all the great players they have and some of the kids coming through

  14. haha 3:41 leicester fan gives ref the fingers. 1st time in the new aviva stadium and witness the best game of rugby ever, 2 great teams puttin on a great show

  15. the ultimate back up to Dan Carter who never was to be :(((((( because he played that 1 game for FIJI :(((( @@

    Entire NZ + the whole AB coaching staff very frustrated!

  16. @UrbanRedBull Nacewa’s an Auckland-born Kiwi with a Fijian background. He chose to play for Fiji and only had a bit role in 2003, playing only as a sub in one game. After, he made a name for himself at Auckland and Blues and the ABs were interested, but because of that game he was ineligible. Wonderful player who’s comfortable at any pos. from 10-15.

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