Tigers take on Ospreys

The last week of August saw the Leicester Tigers coming up against Ospreys, a game that ended with a score of 42-38 in favor of the Leicester Tigers. The game took place at Welford Road where the game was a thrilling one to watch for the spectators and fans.

With the new season underway, the Welford Road game was definitely an exciting preview of what the new season might hold in store for the game enthusiasts. Many feel that if the other games are played in a thrilling way as this game, there would not be much to complain about, no matter which side wins.

The Ospreys have tried but have not been able to score a win at Leicester. Their best result so far has been a draw in a game in Europe. This game was definitely looking to be in their favor, but with two wide attempts by the goal kicker their chances were spoilt. League games will begin from next weekend as a new month starts.

This game can be considered as a final dress rehearsal for the teams. Both teams had about twelve tries in total. The game was played on a muddy evening. However, as the ball was thrown around it did not seem that the players were bothered about the mud and dirt. Both teams put in their attacks and strategies to win goals for their respective sides. The expert betting advice on the back of this match would be to back Leicester to figure i the running for the Premiership again this season.

The first half of the game was entertaining. There were five attempts in this half among which three went in favor of the Leicester team. The Ospreys put in their attempts as much as they could. Impressive performances were by Ashley Beck, the center player and Justin Tipuric who is known as the Wales flank player. Even though Ashley had not played for the last two seasons, he played in an impressive manner in the game.