England Primed By Leicester City Wins

The England rugby team is much motivated by the recent success that Leicester City earned from winning the Premier League. Last year’s loss to Australia in the World Cup had been difficult for them. When Leicester City won the Premier League as a triumph that seemed to inspire the England rugby team as well.

The stunning and unanticipated victory of the team has inspired the team with the hope that they will also be able to get back on their feet. With a matchup coming up soon with Australia, the team needs to be bolstered in their confidence. Eddie Jones having become the head coach for the team is another great feat for the team.

Mike Brown, who plays fullback for England, feels that the team is getting the right inspirations to get back to form. Brown believes that Claudio Ranieri, who helped his team to win the football tournament title, is well represented in Eddie Jones, who has similar potential to turn the team around. Brown at thirty years of age had been part of the team that represented England in Six Nations grand slam tournament which lead to victory for the team. It will surely undermine the confidence of the Australian team whom they will be facing in the coming month.

England is primed by the determination that the Leicester City coach and the boss had shown. But they also realize that Australian Jones has a similar grit for determination and success and he will surely urge his team to go to great lengths. With the big title that Leicester City has won which no one expected of them, it shows that when one works hard and works well as a team success is not difficult to achieve. England has definitely had a good start this year and tackling the Australian team will help them test themselves and prove their worth.