Tigers Have An Upcoming Playoff

The rugby stars of Leicester joined in when the football team won the Premier League this week. Indeed, it was a championship win that caught everyone by surprise. With Leicester City clinching the title in the Premier League at the beginning of the week, it has put all other Leicester teams in a holiday and celebration mood.

The Tigers, who are fourth placed, have booked their place in the playoffs for Premiership. The rugby team cannot rest though, as the men would be taking on the Bath team in the final league that is coming up this Saturday.

The Leicester Tigers would be having a joint trip to Las Vegas with Leicester City if they are able to win the Premiership game that is scheduled this weekend. If the city’s rugby team is able to make a win it would be a double victory for the city. Hence a treat awaits the rugby team, which will hopefully put them in high spirits for the upcoming game. The stadiums for both teams are about a mile apart.

It was understandable that Liam Ward, the Welford Road grounds man failed to show up on Tuesday as the football club went crazy with their celebrations spree on Monday. The teams are known to have shared training facilities during winter. If the play off fixtures goes off in favor of the Tigers, the director has promised them a joint parade for the trophy. It is definitely enough to fuel the Tigers to try and win the playoffs.

It is sponsored by Aviva and is being looked at much more after the Leicester City football team’s win. If the title is clinched by the Tigers it would surely be memorable for the city. If there is a double win Leicester would certainly be on the map for these sports and more funds and sponsorships can be expected for upcoming events.