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  1. that punch was shit, a big guy like him shouldve knocked him down with a clean hit. It looks good but it was still a gumby punch.

  2. yep clean punch there but can’t of been that hard, judging by the guy looking ok after it, unless he has a granite chin or something…

  3. An absolute joke that Tuilagi only got a 5 week ban.
    Of course the leniency of his punishment by the RFU had nothing to with the fact that he was about to get a call up to the England squad…

  4. Yo! All you talking about how that cat can take a punch. Watch the slow mo. His wrist isn’t even solid. He can’t knock out a baby bird in a nest made of cotton.

  5. Ashton did some cheeky little school-boy move of pushing when he was already on the ground (?) what a bean.

  6. Ashtons a tank, love Tuilagi aswell but whata bloody punch!!! Now playing for England with each other…awkward!

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