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  1. Hipkiss what a twirl out of the maul, best game I have ever seen. Leicester till I die

  2. Play offs. Yeah, great idea. Have league, play everyone home and away, top the table but then have to play two more games to take the title. And people pay for these extra games. Genius marketing.

  3. i can remember being there, best thing i have ever seen and i was so nervous when sarries took it but leicester are just too god !!! woo tigers !!!!

  4. @wargoose25 yes they are but they have alot of south africans in there team but yes they are english 🙂

  5. i am leicester till i die i am leicester till i die i know i am i am sire i am i am leicester till i die

  6. It Pains me so much to watch the last 2 minutes. I cringe just watching, What an amazing game from both teams though.

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